Legs and lungs

With Gianluca Genoni, from the Christ of the Peaks to the Christ of the Abyss… without engines!
A charity initiative for the protection of the environment.

A more sustainable world accessible to everybody: it’s possible. Sometimes, it’s only beyond the mental limits dictated by habits and everyday life…

Teaches it us Gianluca Genoni, He’s a world multi champion of free-diving and after having set 18 world records in the classical disciplines of apnoea, on 16th July 2013 he faced a proof that joins his two great sports passions: mountain tops and the depths of the sea.

In collaboration with Sestero charity, Genoni gathered together a group of professional athletes and sports amateurs who ventured upon the crossing from the Christ of the Peaks, at 4,200 meters of altitude, on the Monte Rosa.
The crossing was carried out in the form of relay race and was aimed at promoting the sustainable mobility through the collaboration and subsidiarity of the different sport disciplines needed to complete the crossing: mountain climbing, cycling, canoe and diving.
There aren’t limits to the extreme and in this proof the professional athletes – Elia Luini (canoe), Stefano Zanini (cycling), Lucio Trucco (mountain climbing), Gianluca Genoni (deep free-diving) – worked side with side with sports amateurs having different skills, to demonstrate that everybody can aspire to the enterprise and to a different way of living nature and environment.
Other people joined the group: the Alpine guides from Gressoney, to accompany the climbing to the Christ of the Peaks, cyclists and hand bikers to make the long stage by bicycle less tiring and more goliardic, and the canoeists of Rapallo’s Navy League. The associations involved on the territory were a lot, and the whole profit obtained from the sponsors was donated to the associations chosen by the municipalities supporting the initiative: the town of Busto Arsizio and Rapallo.
Riso Scotti Snack, that has been next to Gianluca Genoni for years during his ventures, accompanied the crossing with its light, tasty, rice-based products: from breakfast (to provide strength), to the breaks (to recover after the efforts).


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