Andrea Massucchi 8th Trophy
More value to sport

The value of sport…

The healthy sport, as an essential component for a correct lifestyle, has always been the core of Riso Scotti Snack’s attention. The appointments and initiatives are plenty, such as Andrea Massucchi 8th Trophy, an international match of Female Artistic Gymnastics between the Italian and German national teams, that in 2013 was supported by Riso Scotti Snack.
The race – dedicated to Andrea Massucchi, Italian promising athlete of Gymnastics (Italian title and world silver medal in vaulting), victim of an accident in 1997 when he was only 23 years old – was in fact very useful as preparation for the World Championships that took place in Antwerp in 2013.

… and naturalness and healthiness of rice-based products

The value that the company assigns to a healthy diet and to the search of psychophysical balance, leads it to pay the maximum attention to physical activity and athletic preparation, that look for tasty and light food, to provide the right charge to a sportsman/woman.

Riso Scotti Snack, rice specialist, in order to meet the new consumption trends, pursues the pioneering objective of diversifying, by proposing highly innovative products, all of them with the strength, the quality and nutritional values of rice. Therefore, it developed products which are suitable for a healthy diet even between meals: products quick to be eaten, with a high quality and nutritional guarantee. Perfect for students, sportsmen/women and for those who love being fit.


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