Clean Seabed 2019

All together for the wellbeing of our seas

Little by little, the protection of marine environment is becoming a priority at world level. If to this day pollution and climate change were far from the attention of the public, being considered a matter to be discussed by experts, the problem of plastic in the sea broke through many people’s sensitivity, so that many governments decided to undertake actions aimed at limiting or at least holding back the employment of this material that seems to be indispensable. Maybe this doubt isn’t unfounded, considered the wide range of employments of plastic nowadays, but it’s also certain that not all plastic is irreplaceable, and we should learn to use it better, applying the 3R rule: recycle, reuse, reduce.
Plastic in the sea is however one of the dangers, the tip of the iceberg that concerns all water resources of the planet of which, thanks to the cycle that sees it as a protagonist, sea water is the essential link. We don’t think of it often, but all our precious fresh water comes from the sea and has been the key that gave rise to the collaboration between Riso Scotti Snack and the Clean Seabed initiative.
“We have been supporting for a long time the Italian National Trust Fund, stirred by the love for the several beautiful things that Italy owns and that we have to protect” Rosa Maria Giupponi – Riso Scotti Snack’s AD says. And, concerning the collaboration with the Clean Seabed initiative, she specifies: “For those who, like us, have been processing rice for more than 150 years, water is an essential element, being the source of life. That’s why in 2018, thanks with the precious collaboration with www.apneaworld.com , we instituted the first edition of Riso Scotti Snack Trophy, to identify and award the most significant biological photo, with the purpose of sensitizing and making people aware of the importance of protecting sea and its wonders. It’s an important message since the seabed and the submerged world are a heritage of the whole mankind and not only of divers, who have the honour of making it known to everybody”.

“The best way to respect the sea is knowing it – she continues, by quoting the champion Gianluca Genoni. – Only those who know the beauties of the submerged world can undertake to protect them for future generations. With this spirit, we underline our commitment in favour of the sea, by joining the initiative Clean Seabed, aimed at cleaning the seabed to make it more liveable for its creatures and at the same time to train people to more politeness. It’s a practical ecologic initiative, a concrete gesture as the ones we like, and through our activity we try to testify examples of healthy and aware life.”.


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