Our rules

1. Without hydrogenated vegetable fats

2. Only high-quality raw materials

3. Carnaroli rice

4. Rice flour

5. Rice oil

6. Puffed rice

7. Extruded rice

8. Research and innovation

9. IQF freezing technology

10. Balanced and tasty recipes











We use non-hydrogenated vegetable fats

Non-hydrogenated vegetable fats, generating trans fats, are substances that are obtained through a chemical-physical process to which the fats undergo and that have specific technological functions, but that don’t represent essential nutrients for our body. To put it simply, we don’t need them for our daily requirements.

The choice of the type of non-hydrogenated vegetable fat depends from the features of the product and from its life.

We use:

  • RICE OIL, in Arancini
  • PALM OIL, alone, in Gemme di Riso Biscuits and Biscake, or together with sunflower oil in Double Snack and Coconut Cannolo
We choose only high-quality raw materials.

Quality has always the choice of the raw materials we use for our products, in order to ensure first of all tastiness. Our choice parameters are simplicity and authenticity, together with a strict attention to the selection and control processes, in order to ensure the compliance with the provisions in force and the highest standards of quality, nutrition and safety.

It's an ethical code we follow and that we make sure all our suppliers follow too, in order to be absolutely sure of the finished products.

Our reference production chain, of course, is the one of rice, in all its shapes and derivations.

For our products, we choose the “king of rice”.

For our risotto, we choose the best rice, the “kind of rice”: Carnaroli. The rice coming from Lomellina, that everyone envies us for its excellent performance: a rice with big, oblong and firm grains, full of starch.

Carnaroli is a super-fine rice particularly suitable to make tasty risottos, timbales and refined dishes. It resists better than other kinds of rice to the long cooking needed to make risotto, being richer of amylose. Thanks to its excellent absorption capacities, it allows also a perfect creaming.

We grind our rice

All our snacks, both sweet and savoury, contain ground rice. Some products, such as Coconut and Chocolate Biscuits (Gemme) are made with 100% ground rice. In the other products, instead, the percentage can vary, in order to reach an excellent recipe in terms of taste and organoleptic features.

Would you like to discover how do we obtain

our ground rice?

How is ground rice produced

The broken rice is scanned by an optical selecting machine, in order to reduce the dark spots, and then ground through mills. The ground rice obtained is “filtered” by sieves, dividing the mass depending on its density, obtaining 3 different products: bran, flour and cream.

The added value of the production of ground rice isn’t only quality, but also the fact that we don’t have any waste of rice, in fact our ground rice derives from the broken grains that, despite being excellent, cannot be destined to the packaging during the production stage.

Would you like to discover how do we obtain

our ground rice?

We use rice oil, that contains ferulic acid.

Obtained from the rice bran and the grain bud, it’s very widespread in the Countries of the Far East, where the incidence of cardiovascular diseases is one of the lowest in the world. Thanks to the important natural stuffs that it contains, in fact, rice oil provides a valid contribution to wellbeing and to a healthy diet. In particular, the presence of gamma-oryzanol carries out a protective action towards the unsaturated fatty acids, which are unstable.

The rice oil, contained in our Mini Arancini and Arancini Siciliani, allows these products to be more digestible. Its taste is neutral and pleasantly delicate. It contains 42% of oleic acid.

In our products we use puffed rice

Puffing is an operation that allows to obtain a product ready to be used, only through the parameters of temperature and pressure. The difference of temperature and pressure between the machine employed and the external environment provokes the expansion of the product, with formation of little pores in the cereal.

We use only dry puffed rice, since its features are better from a sensory point of view. The product is crunchier and the layer on surface increases the rehydration time of the product. This aspect is excellent for the production of chocolate bars.

In all our chocolate products, puffed rice is combined with extruded rice, providing a great satisfaction to the palate with a lower caloric input.

The products containing puffed rice within out range, are:

We use extruded grounded rice

Recently, healthy food and the search of wellbeing gave rise to the experimentation of innovative cooking techniques: vacuum, low temperature, magnetic induction… extrusion cooking is one of the most innovative techniques, that makes use of professional machines able to cook grounded cereals ensuring their healthiness. It allows to obtain products without yeasts and most of all without the contamination from gluten. The extruded food, in particular, ensures the needed intake of carbohydrates.

Would you like to discover

how food extrusion is made?

Food extrusion allows to improve the food preservation by regulating the water content in the ingredients.

All our products with chocolate have extruded rice combined with puffed rice, that allows a high gratification to the palate with a lower caloric intake.

The products that use the extrusion process are:

Research and innovation

Riso Scotti Snack witnesses the vocation for innovation of the Scotti Group, applying state-of-the-art procedures and implementing innovative ideas. In the last two decades, Riso Scotti transformed its production from traditional rice processing company to ready meals production cycle, following the market trend and developing a range completion policy. Within this process, the research and work of Riso Scotti Snack – the specialist of eating away from home – comes into play.

Study and research proceed hand by hand, every idea can be developed in real time and the synergy that creates between Research and Quality Assurance, allows every variety of rice to be used perfectly according to its features, in order to originate end products with excellent organoleptic properties.

The enhancement of rice as raw material doesn’t stop to the product, but involves more and more a sustainability politics, ensured by the application of an integrated production cycle where rice doesn’t generate waste and processing by-products: the chaff or broken white rice enter in the realization of alternative products, such as rice oil or puffed rice.

In this way, a virtuous cycle is created, where production minimizes the waste.

Freezing technology.

It’s the freezing technology used for the individual packages of risotto that Riso Scotti Snack addresses to the modern Ho.Re.Ca. . The IQF (Individually Quickly Frozen) technology, through the quick freezing of each ingredient, preserves the original organoleptic and nutritional properties, allowing a quick and easy reactivation of the product, that is ready in a few minutes. In the case of rice grains, their reduced size allows a high freezing speed, so that the product – once reactivated - preserves the features of the fresh product in terms of taste and quality: a procedure that allows to optimize the creaming of risotto, ensuring a nice visual impact when the package is opened. Separated grains, simple to be stirred. Therefore, risottos without any added preservative, after a short passage in the pan or in the microwave oven, are ready to be eaten with all the fragrance of the fresh product. Remember: only Carnaroli rice and classical recipes of the Italian cuisine!

Recipes balanced between energy and taste

Our research is focused on recipes balanced between energy and taste. We don’t want to distinguish between “good food” and “bad food”. For us, the important thing is being aware of what we eat and learn to eat in a varied way, based on a right caloric intake and on a healthy lifestyle.

“Riso Scotti Snack’s proposal is addressed to this renewed awareness. Being a rice specialist, in fact, it develops the whole potential of rice, healthy, natural and versatile cereal. For example, in the vending channel, we take sweet and savoury snacks on the working and studying places, in hospitals and in the places with a big stream of people, with tasty proposals careful to the quality of ingredients. In the frozen segment, and in particular in the ready meal category, we propose balanced, original, tasty recipes, preferring top quality Carnaroli rice, raw materials selected as to quality and tradition, such as extra virgin olive oil, grana padano cheese, edible boletus, asparagus, radicchio. More than the service and practicality contribution, we’d like to provide consumers with a high quality security in the selection of raw materials, the control of the working and production processes and the brand guarantee: all functional values on which our offer is based”.


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