Gianluca Genoni is the world record man of apnoea:
he free dove until the incredible depth of -160 m in only 3’41”.

“I’m the athlete who embarks on the venture, but alone and without a suitable physical and mental training I couldn’t succeed”.

Thanks to his simplicity, spontaneity, open and bright smile, Genoni is not only an undisputed champion, but most of all an exceptional man, a balanced athlete in harmony with nature.


Ambassador del Gusto in Libertà

RISO SCOTTI SNACK meats GIANLUCA GENONI: a sure feeling, a perfect combination between good rice-based snacks and physical training, looking for food quick to be assimilated and providing the right and needed charge of energy to a sportsman.

The meeting between Gianluca and Riso Scotti Snack happened by chance during an apnoea stage where we had the possibility of introducing ourselves and share with him the philosophy at the base of our company and our products. We knew that he would have shared with us several aspects of our way of living food with taste and freedom. He tasted our snacks and said: “How tasty! Light, perfect for a sportsman’s training. Where can I find them?”

A feeling was immediately triggered, one of the ones that function immediately, and that convince a Company to take with enthusiasm a new road, that hadn’t been planned before. When things are functioning, you immediately notice it. But it isn’t self-interest, it’s a spark! Gianluca is of course the best testimonial of this dietary style. And Riso Scotti Snack is next to him, in all his appointments and ventures.

His simplicity
and the full humanity
emanating from him,
represents at best
the sense of
Gusto in Libertà.

Since then, we have always accompanied him in his ventures. We were next to him in the charitable initiative for the protection of the environment, carried out without engines but only with the energy of legs and lungs “From the Christ of the Peaks to the Christ of the Abyss”. From the Christ present at 4,200 meters on Monte Rosa to the Christ present at -13 meters in San Fruttuoso bay, Liguria.

We are with him in all initiatives “Clean seabed he carries on; and we were with him in Thingvellir National Park, Island, UNESCO World Heritage, where the Silfra fissure is located. There, Gianluca dove and could touch the American and Euro-Asiatic continents at the same time, since in the deepest point of the fissure they are separated only by 150 cm. A diving in search of Pangaea, the origin of the world we know, when the continents began to form growing apart one from the other. In Silfra, the continents are still joined.

The purpose of Gianluca Genoni’s initiatives, that Riso Scotti shares, is making people aware of the importance of protecting nature and first of all the element he prefers: water, sea.

“The best way to respect the sea is knowing it. Only those who know the beauties of the submerged world can undertake and protect them for future generations. That’s why in recent years I found in my sponsors the ideal partners to enhance and spread my commitment”.

RISO SCOTTI SNACK supports and follows GIANLUCA GENONI in his charity initiatives for the protection of the environment, particularly of the marine world to which both are very attached.


Our commitment is aimed at being concretely useful and active

in the projects and initiatives in which we trust.



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