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Frozen ready meals

Risotto with vegetables

Risotto with vegetables cooked. IQF frozen.
Risotto with vegetables immagine
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Suggestions for use

For a quick and gratifying meal try this Risotto, add a fruit and... dinner is served!

Prodotto da consumarsi previa cottura.
In Microonde: Introdurre la vaschetta all'interno del forno a microonde, cuocere per 3/4 minuti a 850/900 W.
In padella: Versare il contenuto della busta ancora surgelato in una padella sufficientemente ampia, riscaldare a fuoco medio per 5/6 minuti circa mescolando di tanto in tanto.

Did you know that…?

To freeze our food we use IQF (individually quickly frozen), an high technology freezing process, which acts in a very short time and allows to freeze the single elements of the product preserving their original organoleptic qualities.
The result is a dish as good as the just prepared ones!


Carnaroli cooked rice 42% (Carnaroli rice 51%, water), water, carrots 4%, extra virgin olive oil 3.8%, peas 3%, zucchini 3%, butter, Grana Padano ( milk , salt, rennet, preservative: lysozyme from eggs ), rice flour, spinach, salt, onion, vegetable broth extract without glutamate added (salt, potato starch , potato maltodextrin, vegetables: onion, carrot, celery , parsley, sunflower oil, spices, extracts of aromatic herbs), dried tomatoes, pepper.

It may contain traces of gluten, soy and nuts.


***or*** in the deepfreeze (-18°C) within the date written on the package -** in the deepfreeze (-12°C) within 1 month -* in the deepfreeze (-6°C) within one week - in the fridge within 24 hours Once unfrozen, the product cannot be frozen again.

Health suggestions

A portion of risotto with vegetables gives you 516 kcal, or 25.8% of the energy you need in the day

nutritional table

Best before: 18 months

Remember, if you are an healthy and active woman
you should take on average between 1700 and 2000 calories a day.
If you are a man in the same conditions
instead, you should take between 2000 and 2400 calories a day.

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