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Gluten-free snacks

Cheese-flavoured Minirisette

Rice and corn cakes. Cheese flavour.
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Suggestions for use

Try Minirisette during your break or to accompany a convivial moment.

Did you know that…?

Minirisette aren’t fried; you should know that a not fried snack is more digestible! We use extra-virgin olive oil, because it’s made with an exclusively mechanical process. No extraction with chemical solvents!


Rice flour 51%, corn flour 28%, sunflower oil, powdered cheese 3,2%, extra-vergin olive oil 3%, milk whey, salt, lactose, dextrose, corn starch, yeast extract, aromatic plants, antioxidant: lactic acid and calcium lactate, spices and aromatic erbs.

It contains milk proteins, lactose. It may contain traces of soy

Health suggestions

A packet of Cheese-flavoured Minirisette provides 87 kcal, that is 4% of the energy you need in a day.

nutritional table

Best before: 15 months

Remember, if you are an healthy and active woman
you should take on average between 1700 and 2000 calories a day.
If you are a man in the same conditions
instead, you should take between 2000 and 2400 calories a day.

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